MidTown Brackenridge Vision

With your ongoing support, the Midtown Brackenridge Master Plan Initiative is now in its final stages. The final draft master plan is available for review. If you have any comments or questions, please contact Andrea Gilles, City of San Antonio, Department of Planning & Community Development, Neighborhood Planning & Urban Design Section at (210) 207-2736 or by e-mail at andrea.gilles@sanantonio.gov or visit the department website at www.sanantonio.gov/planning/

The vision is to create within Midtown:

  • A mixed use, mixed income neighborhood of urban character, scale and density
  • A walk-able, bike-able and transit-oriented community
  • A lively district of economic, cultural, educational, residential and entertainment activity
  • A mix of new construction, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse that exemplifies quality architecture and sustainable and green building practices
  • A model low impact district that protects the watershed and celebrates green spaces.

The Master Plan will address:

  1. Which public improvement projects will be a catalyst for changing the pace of development in Midtown Brackenridge;
  2. Suggest changes in land use and urban design standards to promote desired development that is harmonious with the surrounding neighborhoods, works with existing structures, respects San Antonio’s unique character, and provides property owners with confidence that surrounding properties will be developed in a predictable way;
  3. A funding and implementation plan based on rough projections of the income produced by the tax increment and rough estimates of probable cost for likely infrastructure improvements needed for the vision;
  4. Where tax increment financing investment can add an important enhancements to an already planned project;
  5. Other public funding sources that should be targeted for infrastructure improvements;
  6. Which private developments will be a catalyst for development in Midtown Brackenridge;
  7. Additional public sector improvements that are needed for Midtown to be successful; and
  8. Exploration whether a public/private entity should be formed to encourage development, support local businesses, and coordinate public/private investment.

Click here to view the Land Use Map.